Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine


Game features:

  • There are 33 car models from 6 manufacturers offering the widest selection in any Battle Gear game – and Battle Gear 3 has dramatically improved the technique to simulate reactions and sound properties of individual cars, as well as instrument panels and gauges
  • Hot competition in the Time Attack mode now becomes even hotter
  • Totally renewed courses, take your favorite car and race through seasonal landscapes
  • All the courses have been completely upgraded – now there are 14 courses for beginners and professionals!

Product Details
Product Dimension
Width – 182 cm / 72 inches
Length – 158 cm / 62 inches
Height – 178.5 cm / 70 inches
Weight – 417 kg / 919 lbs
12 Month Domestic / 6 Month Commercial
Key Information
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – No
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – Yes

One of the most popular racing games in Japan has made a huge splash overseas! Players can select from among dozens of hot import vehicles (33 models from 6 manufacturers: Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota) to race in this two player racing simulator. Battle Gear 3 simulates the handling and sound properties of each individual car, not to mention the instruments and gauges. Choose between normal racing mode or time attack mode through different seasons and landscapes on over 14 different courses. The game also incorporates reactive steering, front-back gear shift, view-change button, hazard button and an emergency brake! Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Online.


Battle Gear 3 is a FANTASTIC racing game. The player may choose a car from any of the 6 main Japan manufacturers. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda & Subaru.

The Cars are placed in class categories D,C,B,A and S. The cars are real car models and players can view the specs of each car. Such as Dimensions, weight, engine, etc. The player can race their chosen car on any of the 6 courses offered by the game.

As with most of the latest major games Battle Gear 3 sporting a player access card system, but with a twist. Instead of using a card, this game uses a key pictured in the screenshots section. Each player’s key is imprinted with an unique number, this allows the player’s preferences and stats to be stored and retrieve no matter which arcade they play at. Taito’s network system for this game is called “NESYS” or taito Net Entry SYStem. This system not only allows head to head competition in the same arcade but players from arcade across town or across the country can play head to head in real time. Also check Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Arcade Machine. Buy Taito Battle Gear 3 Twin Online.

Please Note: This machine will undergo a refurbishment process once ordered so please allow 14 days before the machine can be delivered. Due to constantly changing stock the cabinet design may vary from the one shown.
Size: W1820 x D1580 x H1785 mm

Weight 417 kg
Dimensions 158 × 182 × 178.5 cm


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