Raw Thrills Fast And The Furious Twin Arcade Machine


Manufacturer: Raw Thrills

Year of Release: 2004

About The Game:

The Fast and the Furious twin arcade machine is based on the #1 hit movie starring Vin Diesel.

It has 3 levels of difficulty, 17 different vehicles to select, 12 action packed street courses and 20 customization levels!

Perform stunts like wheelies, flips, rolls and 360s to pick up extra bonus points.

With LCD screen upgrade.
Screen Shots:

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This edition of Fast & Furious is available in a twin seat cabinet.

Product Details
Product Dimensions
Width – 160 cm / 63 inches
Length – 160 cm / 63 inches
Height – 200 cm / 79 inches
Weight – 350 kg / 772 lbs
Warranty – 12 Months Domestic / 6 Months Commercial
Key Information
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – No
Genre – Driving
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Sit Down
Coin Operated – Yes

The Fast and the Furious street racing game allows the players to save their progress on the machine via a ten key code. Returning players are able to key code their ID and utilize their career achievement to upgrade their car every time they start a new race. There is a range of cars to choose from and other cars that you unlock when your score reach a certain level. Each track has shortcuts and other secrets where you will gain on time. Also points are given for aerial tricks and air time.

Raw Thrills utilized a simple PC for the hardware with an AMD Athlon XP 2500 processor and 512MB of RAM. Also the operating system used is a stripped down version of Win XP. Game linking is standard TCP/IP via 10/100 Ethernet. The original cabinets were equipped with 25″ CRT monitors. Also check Raw Thrills Fast And The Furious Twin Arcade Machine. Buy Raw Thrills Fast And Furious Machine.

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 200 cm


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