The Street Fighter 2 Arcade


The Street Fighter 2 Arcade – Fully Licensed

  • 17-inch LCD monitor.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Includes three classic games.
  • For one or two players.
  • Fully licensed by Capcom.

Key Features

  • Includes three classic games:
    • Street Fighter II Championship Edition
    • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
    • Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • For solo or two-player head-to-head play.
  • Authentic game software, graphics & control configuration.
  • 4ft cabinet (approx 3/4-size).
  • LCD HD monitor, 17-inch in size.
  • Stereo sound.
  • Licensed & approved by Capcom.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Easy-to-use game menu.
  • Some assembly required.
Product Details
Width – 48 cm / 19 inches
Length – 58 cm / 23 inches
Height – 116 cm / 46 inches
Weight – 25 kg / 55 lbs
Warranty – 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects
Genre – Multi Game
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Upright
Coin Operated – No

Fully Authentic

Arcade1Up machines are fully licensed and totally faithful to the original arcade cabinets in terms of controls, graphics and gameplay, with one exception. This is a 3/4-size cabinet that stands around 4ft high, which is the perfect height for playing whilst seated. If you’d prefer to stand, an optional riser adds 1ft to the height.

Two sets of controls allow head-to-head play for two players. The 8-way joysticks and six buttons per player give authentic control, just like the original arcade machine. Otherwise, the machine is simple – 1-player/2-player select, an on/off button and a volume control. Simply switch it on and go, using the intuitive menu to choose which version you’re playing today.

As if that weren’t enough, this machine also includes ‘Super Street Fighter II Turbo’. This version is based on the seminal and celebrated Super Street Fighter II, but with accelerated game speeds and performance for a real adrenaline kick. Also check The Street Fighter 2 Arcade. Buy Street Fighter 2 Arcade.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 58 × 48 × 116 cm


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