Cosmic 80s Mini Multigame Bartop Arcade Machine


The desktop version of the popular Cosmic arcade machine.

  • Compact, tabletop version of the Cosmic.
  • Lots of popular 1980s arcade games.
  • Authentic arcade feel with commercial-quality joystick & buttons.
  • Eye-catching graphics with chrome-style trim.
  • Intuitive menu and game selection system.

Key Features

  • 15-inch LCD flatscreen monitor recessed behind toughened safety glass.
  • Commercial-quality joystick and four fire buttons.
  • PCB containing accurate recreations of classic, early arcade titles.
  • Sturdy tabletop cabinet with spectacular graphics and illuminated marquee.
  • Original music and sound effects recreated in full stereo.
  • 240v mains-operated – CE-approved UK lead supplied.
  • You are being supplied with a quality gaming cabinet. This cabinet has been built with the ability to play various arcade games in one unit. All games are included free of charge and are not considered part of the sale price.
  • Design registration: 6065933.




Product Detail

Width  – 37 cm / 15 inches
Length – 45 cm / 18 inches
Height – 68 cm / 27 inches
Weight – 17 kg / 37 lbs
Shipping Width – 40 cm / 16 inches
Shipping Length – 48 cm / 19 inches
Shipping Height – 70 cm / 28 inches
Shipping Weight – 20 kg / 44 lbs
Warranty – 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

Key Information

Genre – Multi Game
Players – 2
Cabinet Type – Bar Top
Coin Operated – No
Pre-Assembled – Yes

Legendary Games on Your Tabletop

Designed for customers who lack the room for a full-sized arcade machine but still want to enjoy authentic arcade gaming, the Mini is packed with plenty of iconic titles from the 1980s.

All games are recreated beautifully on the 15-inch flatscreen LCD monitor, while the machine’s stereo speakers deliver quality audio.

Compact, Tough Unit

The joystick and control buttons are arcade-quality components and have been designed especially to feel like the original 1980s arcade controls.

Use the controls to scroll through the intuitive menu system, find your favorite game and select it in moments.

Featuring spectacular Multi Game B-movie graphics and chrome-style trim, the cabinet is made from sturdy 18mm wood and is designed to sit on a tabletop, bar top, counter top or other flat surface.

game screenshots

Weighing 17kg, it’s just about light enough to be lifted by one person and moved around. It also features a volume control on the rear as well as an ‘off’ switch.

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 45 × 37 × 68 cm


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