Sega Rally 3 Deluxe Arcade Machine


Game Features
  • Championship – Single Player Mode: work your way through the field and beat the checkpoints to advance to the next stage
  • Quick race – 1 to 6 players: linkable cabinets allow up to 6 players to challenge each other on 3 tracks (tropical, canyon & alpine)
  • Classic – relive Desert ’95 – Go head to head in a classic track from the original game
  • Deluxe LCD monitor
  • Game play is fantastic with real time tracks left by you and other cars
  • Fully reconditioned by Liberty Games technicians

Loving refurbished by UDC in our expert workshops. This Sega Rally 3 Deluxe has been restored to a high level including an LED screen conversion, replacing the old DLP display, for a sharper and more vibrant display.

All parts have been fully inspected and serviced including the motion base to deliver superior reliability.

The third instalment of the legendary Sega Rally series delivers huge smiles and cheers from players around the world.

Also featuring multiple game modes: Championship Single Player – work your way through the field and beat the checkpoints and advance to the next stage to unlock a head to head race on the secret Lakeside track. Quick Race – for 1 to 6 players on the Tropical, Canyon and Alpine tracks, all challenging tracks of varying difficulty. Classic – Relive Desert ’95 for Head to head or multiple player racing.

Sega Rally 3 features advanced technology including ‘Real time track deformation’ so you can use the tracks left by you and other drivers to get the best racing line.

Truly a modern classic with wide appeal. Linkable cabinets allow for up to 6 drivers to race against each other. Also check Sega Rally 3 Deluxe Arcade Machine. Buy Sega Rally 3 Arcade Machine.


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